Just realised that I didn't do a Instagram Recap as in like forever.... So I decided to do a quick Instagram diary in 13 cliché - but still fun to take - pictures I made during my recent trip to paris. Naming all the places and things which are definitely worh a visit and ofcourse a snap for the gram.

 1. ''If you did not take a snap of the Tour Eiffel, you were not actually in Paris!'' First one is this cliché picture of la Tour Eiffel.. I never get tired of visiting this true beauty.

2. At Hotel Costes for some drinks. Despite the amazing cocktails, the things that impressed me the most where these lovely flowers. Did take a lot pictures of them to fill my feed with these beautiful roses!

3. Parisian Buildings. If I had to name one city with the most beautiful buildings, I would definitely choose Paris. Just to warn you; I have made a lot of these kind of pictures. And as I feel the strong urge to share them all with you - no buildings are exactly the same, right?- you will see them all one for one posted on my feed as #latergram.

4. The oh-so-usual flatlay.. In case you guys were wondering what I was wearing in Paris: Grey sweater by Asos, Bag by Saint Laurent Paris and a good pair of Levis jeans.  

5. Tea time at the Budha Bar! Oké, this one is not so cliché as you might think. They had this cute concept with a twist. You could choose from a salty and savoury menu and the thing was that everything that looked like it was savoury was actually sweet. So I was very suprised when my burger tasted like chocolat! Very funny and delicious.

6. More Parisian buildings. #latergram 

 7. Avenue Montaigne.. probably the most instagrammed street of Paris. But don't we just love it?

8. A photo of our cool balcony with this cool view to these cool parisian buildings. #latergram.

9. Ugh, Chloé! Note the Bomber, guys! The perfect item for this spring.

10. Still at the Chloe store taking a thousand pictures of things I crave most. Also was deciding which bag I should place in my mental and - yes - endless wishlist.

11. Another Outfit: Coat by Zelle Studio, Bag by Chanel via Rebelle and these amazing boots by Tony Bianco.

12. Hanging bags at random doors.. All for the picture. You guys should have seen the look of the man's face who came out.

13. Carousels in paris! Love them.

So far the only cliché pictures I made in paris.. 
Who am I fooling, find more on my Instagram!



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  1. Wonderful pics. Such a nice place also!
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