We took notes from the ready to wear shows during Fashion Week and embroidery is definitely making a comeback these season. We have seen it on bombers, jackets, jeans and bags. What do I like about the woven handcraft? I like that it makes the item more unique and one of a kind, like this bag by Maison Ravn. It is the perfect eyecatcher, which you will see me a lot with this spring.

Maison Ravn is well known from their unique and handcrafted bags. Each bag has its own unique design and is a one of a kind bag. This means that there are no two bags alike. Click here for a full look on their collection.

I have chosen for 'The Ravn Bag' with woven 18th century chinise silk. It is not too small, which makes it a perfect bag for daily wear (Check!). I absolutely love the idea of being the only owner of it. Also You can really see the effort of the beautiful handcrafted design back in the quality. 

Wondering how I would style a eye-catcher like this bag? I will be sharing three daily outfits featuring this one of a kind bag on the blog. Stay tuned for more! 


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